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Beverly Hills Independant Ferrari Service

Independant Ferrari Service at Beverly Hills Body and Paint

Our Ferrari specialists are ready to perform most any repair and services needed on all model Ferraris with the most up to date computers for reasonable rates.

Protect your Ferrari

Los Angeles is a wonderful place to live, but the streets can be torture on your beloved Ferrari's front end. Our latest self designed Ferrari SKID PLATE mounted under the front bumper, prevents and saves you thousand of dollars for bumper repair and replacement because of bumps in the roadway and deep driveway damages.


Ferrari skid plate and independant service at Beverly Hills Body and Paint


Our new Ferrari SKID PLATE is designed and manufactured with high strength aluminum, then expertly installed under your front bumper. Our Ferrari SKID PLATE will pay for itself on your first driveway exit!



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Very good service, friendly helpful staff, committed to excellence!

March 18, 2008, by TJ

I've taken my car into Beverly Hills Body & Paint a few times and I've been very happy with the services I've received. No one ever wants to have their car worked on because its expensive, inconvenient, and confusing but these guys really help to fix all of those issues. Johnny, the owner, is approachable, friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. He personally took the time to explain what was wrong and what they were going to fix, helped me secure a rental car while they worked on my car, and was able to give me a very fair price for the repairs (and I always shop around!).

Overall, I would rate my experience as excellent and would recommend Bev Body & Paint to anyone looking for qualified, honest, car repair people. I even spoke with some of the mechanics and a few of them have worked there for over 23 years! You know they must like who they work for and take pride in their work if they're there that long!



"Our customers are our greatest asset and our business continues to grow due to referrals from our customers"